Personal Goal - Write and perform a full-length one-person show

Community Goal - Advocate for speed bumps in neighborhood

Friend Goal - Stay completely sober for a total of 3 months (90 Days total. At least 60 Days Streaking)


Personal Goal - Complete four music videos

Community Goal - Become a mentor for Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Friend Goal - Cook two meals every week, follow at least 1 new recipe each week


Personal Goal - Make and publically launch a game

Community Goal - Volunteer helping elderly Hispanic people navigate modern technology

Friend Goal - Sign up and complete the Kaiser 5K


Personal Goal - Compete in three rock climbing events

Community Goal - Join and support the Tech Workers Coalition

Friend Goal - Pick up and practice the violin to create a five-track Violin EP to release publicly

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Y’all Boys Talkin’ is a podcast about nonsensical improvement.